UNECE International Standards

UNECE International Standards for Water Management and Flood Control

UNECE PPP Standards are non-mandatory provisions to be considered by UN member States on the implementation of PPP policies, programmes, and projects that facilitate the development of resilient public infrastructure services with the objective of improving the livelihoods of the world’s population. The standards are intended to be widely applicable and useful to a variety of public authorities and private sector stakeholders who lack experience in PPPs but want clear recommendations to structure PPP projects and initiatives.

The Standards should give public authorities guidance on how to implement high-quality projects, accelerate delivery of those projects and programmes, improve value for money in public expenditures, and better align public efforts with national and international SDG - Sustainability Development Goals.

Link [1] 

is the presentation of the Project Proposal of the International Standards in Water Management and Flood Control.

Link [2] 

is the presentation of the approach, priorities, potential private participation and principals is which those Standards will be conducted.

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