Defining Future Options

DEFINING FUTURE OPTIONS, is a Portuguese investment, management, and advisory company for the Water Sector.
DEFINING FUTURE OPTIONS has a distinct offer: expertise that covers international political and strategical experience, public and private utilities’ management experience, and engineering and economical background in the Water Sector.


Knowledge of the water sector

DEFINING FUTURE OPTIONS stands out for its level of seniority, its knowledge of the water sector, as well as its experience in management and strategic development and organization.

Extensive experience

DEFINING FUTURE OPTIONS Executive Director and its consultants have extensive experience in project development in the water sector, having collaborated with Governments, Regulators, Municipalities, Utilities, and Multilateral donors worldwide.

Business Plans

DEFINING FUTURE OPTIONS has extensive experience in: conducting strategy and business plans; formulating base cases; conducting management, technical and commercial operations’ reforms; providing quality management for the implementation of investment programs and; and improving network efficiency and quality of service.

International Project Management

DEFINING FUTURE OPTIONS Executive Director and its consultants have broad knowledge in Water Utilities’ Executive Management and in international Project Management.

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  • Commitments

    We strongly believe in Public Service and the importance of the Water Sector as the driver of society and economy...

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  • Client needs

    We are committed to deliver "Client’s needs", respecting Client's vision and orientation but always pointing in the right direction and trying to add value...

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  • Deliver “state of the art” reports

    We are committed to deliver "state of the art" documentation, regarding best practice and benchmark around the world. Our report structure means that the knowledge stays within the Client. We share knowledge, we don’t keep it to ourselves...

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  • There’s no “one fits all” solution

    There’s no “one fits all” solution in the Water Sector. Each country, region, municipality and client have their own reality. Their own singularities. And each one should be approached with practical and feasible solutions, not academic and theoretic solutions with no consistency with reality...

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  • whole spectrum of Water Sector basis

    Our expertise covers the whole spectrum of Water Sector basis: legislative, regulatory, organizational and operational...

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  • People First

    Our projects are driven by "People First", no one left behind...

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Public Presentations

Portuguese Ranking – Water&Wastewater Utilities

"Portuguese Ranking - Water&Wastewater Utilities", developed by Defining Future Options, aggregates all the performance indicators published by ERSAR and presents...

A água e os rios no futuro

“The water and the rivers in the Future” (written in Portuguese) is a book published by the national water council,...

The Importance of Seeing Ahead

“The importance of seeing ahead” (in Portuguese) is an opinion article about the role of on-time information and the need...

Portuguese Water and Sanitation Outlook 2020

The "Portuguese Water and Sanitation Outlook 2020" is a short document, in English, intended to explain to foreign entities the...

Ambition of the Government guidelines

Ambition of the Government guidelines The “Ambition of the Government guidelines” (in Portuguese) is an opinion article about what is necessary...

PENSAAR 2020 – Monitoring and Current Situation

PENSAAR 2020 – Monitoring and Current Situation “PENSAAR 2020 – Monitoring and Current Situation” (written in Portuguese) presents the monitoring results...

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Telephone: +351 210 438 600 / +351 210 438 650