DEFINING FUTURE OPTIONS has a distinct offer: expertise that covers international political and strategical experience, public and private utilities’ management experience, and engineering and economical background in the Water Sector.

DEFINING FUTURE OPTIONS stands out for its level of seniority, its knowledge of the water sector, as well as its experience in management and strategic development and organization.

DEFINING FUTURE OPTIONS Executive Director and its consultants have extensive experience in project development in the water sector, having collaborated with Governments, Regulators, Municipalities, line agencies, major operators and managers worldwide.

DEFINING FUTURE OPTIONS Executive Director and its consultants have large experience in: conducting strategy and business plans; formulating base cases; conducting management, technical and commercial operations’ reforms; providing quality management for the implementation of investment programs and; improving network efficiency and quality of service.

DEFINING FUTURE OPTIONS Executive Director and its consultants have broad knowledge in Water Utilities’ Executive Management and in international Project Management, with outstanding skills.


Defining Future Options

Establishing and Reforming Utilities

  • Assessing the Baseline
  • Setting objectives
  • Setting quality standards and goals
  • Developing Implementation Plans
  • Forecasting Capex and Opex
  • Structuring organizations
  • Defining Staffing Plans
  • Training and capacity building
  • Defining internal procedures
  • Transforming inefficient services into highly professional and efficient ones

Helping Governments, Municipalities and Regulators

  • Performing Legal and Institutional reforms
  • Improving governance
  • Defining Key Performance Indicators
  • Designing rules and regulations
  • Providing Technical Assistance
  • Designing Tender Documents and assisting in the biding and negotiation phases
  • Establishing guidelines and monitoring procedures
  • Assuring international best practices

Setting Tariffs and Cost Recovery Policies

  • Assessing the existing P&L and Tariff models
  • Providing Willingness-to-pay and Affordability Studies
  • Tariff benchmarking
  • Defining Pro-poor policies and social tariffs
  • Designing Tariff Models
  • Setting tariff programs and tariff revision methods
  • Implementing cost recovery trajectories


  • Advisory to Governments, Municipalities, Regulators, and Public and Private Water Utilities
  • Establishing, reforming, and managing Water Utilities
  • Developing PPP programs and procurement documents, bids, contracts and transition phase
  • Managing relationships and negotiating with Governments, Municipalities, Regulators, Private Operators, Banks and Non-governmental organizations
  • Performing due diligence and developing strategies for risk allocation and investment valuation
  • Two decades of experience in Executive Direction of Water Utilities
  • Two decades of experience in transforming inefficient water services into highly professional and efficient water services