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DEFINING FUTURE OPTIONS has a distinct offer: expertise that covers international political and strategical experience, public and private utilities’ management experience, and engineering and economical background in the Water Sector.

DEFINING FUTURE OPTIONS stands out for its level of seniority, its knowledge of the water sector, as well as its experience in management and strategic development and organization.

DEFINING FUTURE OPTIONS Executive Director and its consultants have extensive experience in project development in the water sector, having collaborated with Governments, Regulators, Municipalities, line agencies, major operators and managers worldwide.

DEFINING FUTURE OPTIONS Executive Director and its consultants have large experience in: conducting strategy and business plans; formulating base cases; conducting management, technical and commercial operations’ reforms; providing quality management for the implementation of investment programs and; improving network efficiency and quality of service.

DEFINING FUTURE OPTIONS Executive Director and its consultants have broad knowledge in Water Utilities’ Executive Management and in international Project Management, with outstanding skills.


- 70+ Client Municipalities
- Aggregation of Municipal services into
large regional Utilities
- Advisory to the Regulator, ERSAR
- Technical Assistance to Public Companies
- Establishing and reforming Public and
Private Utilities
- Improve utilities operations


- Technical Assistance for the establishment
of 7 Provincial Water and Sanitation Utilities, DNA
- Support to Water Sector Reform through a
PPP in Cabinda, Angola
- WASH Public Financing Bottleneck Analysis


- AURA, Mozambican Regulator: Tariff Model
Study and Mechanism of cross subsidies for
poor Sustainability and Strategic Plan 2020-2024
- AIAS, Water and Sanitation Administration:
Transaction Advisory for PPP Model of 130 small towns,
Small Towns Water Infrastructure Fund Feasibility Study


Gaborone WWTP and reuse PPP
tariff structure, Botswana


Advisory in investment planning
and financing capacity to inform
decision-making PPPs, SEDAPAL, Peru


Feasibility analyses for a Mutual for
Caribbean water utility companies,
CWUIC, to insure natural disasters
related risks


Crisis Response Management Plan,
for four Regional Water Establishments,


Advisory for the design of the
World Bank operation to support
the Albanian Government WSS

modernisation program


Support the World Bank and the Romanian
Government to outline the National WSS
Strategic Plan and compliance with EU UWWTD

East Europe

Institutional and Governance Advisory
of Portugal WSS experience

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