Véu da Ignorância do Sector da Água – APDA, Fevereiro 2013

The “Veil of Ignorance of the Water Sector” (written in Portuguese) is a presentation based upon John Rawls’ theory and adapted to the Water Sector in Portugal. The “Veil of Ignorance of the Water Sector” is a method of determining the necessary changes in the Water Sector in Portugal based upon the following thought experiment: experts from all key stakeholders know nothing about their individual positions out in the Water Sector.

When such experts are planning the future of the Water Sector the veil of ignorance prevents them from knowing who are their superiors and to what institution or company, public or private are they working for. The idea is that experts subject to the veil of ignorance will make choices based upon moral considerations and what is “right” for the Sector in Portugal, since they will not be able to make choices based on self-interest or their chiefs’ interest.

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